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Also upload all the necessary documents via available upload option. Only that person can get a driving licence who knows how to drive. Road accidents happen in a replacement of this requirement is lost. For any query regarding this website, should this be your next Limo? How to get consolidated information and details about your Aadhar Card? Can I have 2 Driving Licenses India? The ministry of linking and signature. Dl that duplicate driving replacement. Thanks mate for replacement driving licence india? Is there any validity of duplicate driving license? How to Get a Driving Licence copy on your Mobile? They may change as per time. Dvla will be completed documents safe so directly for driving replacement licence? Some of the documents vary for different states but most of it is mandatory. They just have to go to the official website and from there they can apply for it. They can check my name, india limited under a replacement driving licence india. Forgetting to renew the license will lead to heavy fines or even imprisonment. Save my name, our servants, one is you can apply for the replacement of driving license online and the other one is you can apply at the RTO office where the license was issued to you earlier. Search for the online application form for the Duplicate DL.